Better sound for your concert videos

Have you ever tried recording live concerts using your smartphone?

Great concert moments have made a big impact on many people’s lives and we all love to relive and share these personal memories with our friends and families.

But capturing the moment with our mobile phone most often ends up with poor sound quality, making it hard even to recognize the song.

Livetake is the app that creates a strong Fan-Artist relationship, making it possible for the fanbase to create and share personal memories in high quality. How? By matching the video with quality sound recorded from the mixing desk.

By encouraging concertgoers to share quality videos with the band and others, the artist gets valuable promotion and can pick the best moments from all the fan recordings.

How it works


Band content

Band Content

While waiting in the concert queue, the audience receives content from the band, such as videos from the tour bus or from the sound check.




The concertgoer records the concert either by using the Livetake™ app or by importing videos into the Livetake app.


Edit and Share


When the concert ends, the videos are automatically synchronized with quality band sound. The videos can be edited and composed with other videos from the concert before sharing on Livetake, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Livetake app


  • Edit and share your concert memories with quality band sound with your friends and others and engage with the band!
  • Make your own videos from all the shared videos from the band and the other fans.
  • Watch all the shared videos recorded at the concert and comment and discuss with the other fans.

How can the band take advantage?

By encouraging fans to record and share their personal concert memories with friends and others will drastically improve their engagement.

  • Prior to the concert, the band can interact with their fans by sending updates from for example the tour bus or the sound check.
  • When the concert ends, the fans will share their favourite moments on social media, reaching out to thousands of new potential fans and creating new revenue streams for the copyright holders and live performers.
  • The band will get access to all shared recordings and with simple Livetake tools, it is easy to compose new videos from the shared material.

Example: Revenue stream

  • 1000 concertgoers each share 1 video.
  • The video is seen by 200 in their network, resulting in a total of 200,000 views.
  • The band now edits and composes a video from the shared highlights and re-posts this video on various social media platforms like on YouTube channels, Facebook fan sites and the venue/festival platform.
  • All these platforms together results in another 200,000 views.
  • The total number of streams for these shares are 400,000 views
  • During a tour with 100 concerts, a total of 40,000,000 views will be accumulated.

Livetake Engineer app

To deliver high quality band sound to the audience, the sound engineer will Livetake™ Engineer for iPad. The app provides a simple and automized solution to record, post-process and deliver synchronized audio to the audience with a minimal effort for the sound engineer.

Livetake™ Engineer can be used for all kind of setups: from a full-blown live band setup, to electronic music and DJ setups. By connecting a suitable audio interface, any number of tracks can be recorded and the post-processed audio can be made available with a single click.


  • Connect a multichannel audio interface and start recording right away, or import audio recorded and post-processed by other tools.
  • Post-process the audio using Live Meister — a simple build-in equalizer, compressor and limiter tool with suited live presets.
  • Upload the recorded concerts to the Livetake™ Server for perfect synchronization with the audience recordings.

Setup 1

Livetake Engineer is used to record the concert

  • Connect an iPad to a class compliant audio interface.
  • Plug-in the mixing desk to the audio interface through SPDIF or line-out/XLR. Typically a stereo-out is giving satifying results.
  • Setup the live microphones and connect them to the audio interface. Or connect them to the mixer and route them through the mixer output.
  • Record, post-process and upload to the Livetake servers. The audio should be available within 15 minutes after the show ends.

Setup 2

Custom tools are used to record and mix the concert

  • Recording and mix the audio using your favourite tools.
  • Import the final track into Livetake Engineer and upload the audio to the Livetake servers. The audio should be available within 15 minutes after the show ends.

Livetake Suitcase

We know that engineers doesn't have much time to setup additional stuff prior to a concert. There we have made a suitcase with all parts mounted — only power and sound sources have to be connected and can be done in less that 5 minutes. Easy!

The Livetake Suitcase can be ordered with or without equipment. In case you already have some equipment, you can pick what should be in your suitcase:

Get Livetake

If you are interested in using the Livetake technology please contact us.


Nikolas Borrel

Nikolas Borrel

“I’m responsible for software development, partnerships, strategy and … much more!”

David Tholander

David Tholander
Business and Strategy advisor

“I have been in the music business for 10 years and joined the Livetake team in 2015.”

Andreas Steinholtz

Andreas Steinholtz
Art Director / Graphic design

“I'm responsible for the graphical design and identity and I also do the front-end website programming."
Anders Saron

Anders Saron
Advisory board and sales

“Through my work at Danish broadcast corporation (DR) and festivals for MobilePay, I have built up a large network in the music business."

Lasse Sørensen

Lasse Sørensen

Lasse is a consultant at Vækstfabrikkerne, Lydens Hus, and helps with strategy and business.

Open job positions

We are looking for talent, please check the job openings below. You are much welcome to write an unsolicited application as well!

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Awards & Events

TechCrunch Eventbrite Award

Livetake won the Eventbrite Live Award at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2015 for the technology that most enhance the concert experience.

Livetake won the Danish Sound Startup Award.

Danish Sound Innovation Network (Danish Sound) functions as a hub for research environments, businesses, public organizations, policy makers and professional users.

Livetake launch at Roskilde Festival 2015

Livetake was launched at Roskilde Festival 2015, the biggest festival i northern Europe with more that 80.000 visitors. The performing band was WhoMadeWho.


The music on this service has been made available with acceptance from NCB and Koda. / Musikken på denne tjeneste er stillet til rådighed med tilladelse fra NCB og Koda.